Small Business Accountant In Las Vegas

At Siefers Accounting LLC we know small businesses. Our Las Vegas small business accounting services are designed to help you get insight into your company's financial standing and move ahead with confidence. No matter what your small business needs may be, from report creation to book balancing and tax preparation, our accounting team helps you find the solutions that work for you.

The Benefit of Hiring an Accountant for Your Small Business

A CPA completes extensive training and licensing to be able to prepare your taxes, provide insight into your financial information, and represent you in front of the IRS during an audit. By seeking accounting assistance from our Las Vegas CPA, you are able to leverage our years of experience for the success of your company.

As certified accountants, we’re able to perform the following for small businesses:

General Ledger Maintenance – Your general ledger is the heart of your business’ financial well-being. If you aren’t keeping track of the money coming into and going out of your business, it’s easy to make a critical mistake. We’re able to keep your ledger updated and organized, so you never miss a transaction and always know where your money is.

Income Statements and Financial Reports – We prepare income statements, profit and loss statements, and balance sheets. This information allows you to oversee your expenditures, get a better handle on cash flow, and spot potential problems, like employee theft of funds.

Tax Planning and Preparation – By accurately monitoring your company’s financial information, you’re in excellent shape for tax season. Our business accounting services help you prepare for business tax season and accurately file your tax return. Our CPAs keep you in-line with all filing deadlines and tax regulations, so you never have to worry about doing it yourself.

Representation for Tax Audits – If you’ve had tax trouble in the past, you know how intimidating it is to deal with the IRS alone. As CPAs, we’re licensed to represent you in matters of tax audits on your business. We communicate with the IRS on your behalf in order to settle back taxes, non-filed tax returns, and other common tax problems.

Working with a professional business accountant allows you to see where your company stands and spend your time focusing on your profitable services. Siefers Accounting LLC offers your company the benefit of improved reporting and an error-free tax season.

Mobile Business Accounting

You don’t have to visit our Las Vegas business accounting office to get the benefit of our professional services. David Siefers, CPA, CITP, firm owner and operator, is a mobile accountant who can visit your office; he’s paid many visits to business all over the Las Vegas Valley and the Vegas metropolitan areas. By working on-site at your office, you get easy access to one-on-one assistance from a skilled accountant.

Learn more about how a CPA can help your company by calling our Las Vegas accounting office at (702) 326-4042

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